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This course only has 5 students at a time, and as such we can cater to people with any level of experience in hairdressing who wish to Specialise in Men’s Hairdressing.

This course runs 3 days per week for 12 weeks and students will learn every aspect of men’s hair cutting/barbering with a big emphasis on live models. Our course is primarily based on practical work as the most important thing when you apply for a job or cut a paying customer’s hair is not what you say, but is what the finished product looks like.

You will build up a portfolio of your work which includes photographs, head sheets and written analysis of each haircut.

  • Health and Safety

  • Head Shape and Face Shape Analysis Consultation

  • Sectioning patterns

  • Layer Cutting Technique to suit the shape of the male head.

  • Introduction to Scissor over Comb technique, Analysis of Hairlines and Tapered Hairlines

  • Scissor over Comb Technique with Layering.

  • Clipper over Comb Technique.

  • Blending Clipper over Comb Technique with Scissor over Comb Technique.

  • Point Cutting creating texture.

  • Clipper Cutting using Guards. [Barbarossa believe in using Scissor over Comb and Clipper over Comb Techniques to achieve the desired result for the gents within our salons but we understand that you may choose to work in a traditional barber’s and therefore you will need to learn this skill].

  • Men’s beard perfection and design.

  • Introduction and use of Open Razor for neck and sides.

  • Full knowledge of male hair products and choosing the best viable option for the client.

During this last period of the programme you will be combining all the techniques you have learned and also building your confidence in doing multiple models to build up the level of experience required when working in a Men’s Salon/Barber Shop.



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