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Our Story
bringing confidence with every cut

Having been a hairdresser for nearly 40 years, I've seen fashions and haircuts come and go, but my passion has never waned. I'm an artist who, since I was 15 years old, knew that I'd found my calling.


After being in the industry for so long and seeing what I have seen, I wanted to pass on my knowledge to youngsters and give them the tools and experience so they can enjoy a job of creating something that looks amazing and makes kids smile, while learning and bonding with clients. 

At Barbarossa, we aim to create beautiful art and functional haircuts for all identities, with an attention to detail that's been crafted over many years!

Meet our Barbers

Douglas Welsh A.K.A "Doug"

Doug Photo.jpg

As a child of the 90's, I would say that I got lucky, having ran coaches to Manchester and Liverpool for the "Hacienda" and "Quadrant Park".


Respectively, my love for electronic music has been a huge part of my concept in creating Barbarossa. Big speakers, great music, better haircuts and a welcoming environment for people to kick back, listen to stories and relax as we service your hair. You can certainly say that I'm a "dancer "in every which way! A shimmy here and a sidestep there. Bobbing and weaving through a fast changing scene with so much colour and culture to offer!


This has been and continues to be my crutch while I live my Judo, gym and peanut butter sandwich life outside of Barbarossa! 

The Workplace

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